SMARTIA: Comprehensive Intervention Platform programmed for children with Pervasive Developmental Disorders through the design of NNTT based on Natural User Interfaces and Augmented Cognition.


I3B (Valencia, Spain)


2012- 2014


Psicotrade, S.L.
Ayelen Solutions, S.L.


Therapeutic tool wich is oriented to professionals and families of children with autism spectrum disorder and other neurodevelopmental disorders. SMARTIA offers technology support from different methodologies neuropsychological treatment.

Comprehensive Platform planned intervention for children with pervasive developmental disorders based on new technologies and natural interfaces.

The overall objective of SMARTIA is to investigate and develop a comprehensive platform based on new technologies and natural interfaces which will allow the therapist to plan the intervention of children with pervasive developmental disorders. The system will develop and objectively assess the skills of the child based on their baseline.

SMARTIA proposes an active methodology based on a multidisciplinar intervention, this means a methodology which encompasses all of the areas of influence of affected children. The therapy not only will involve the children but also the family with the objective of reduce the impact that cause such disorders in it. All the individualized child´s treatment will be conditioned by his baseline (initial evaluation) and will be adapted by the therapist if the continuous evaluation of the child shows it as necessary.

SMARTIA is clearly an R + D + i project: new applications (Development), new technologies (innovation) and methodology and clinical research (Research).