iMove: Real-time recommendation system based on the context to assist decision making of people in mobility


i3B (Valencia, Spain)


2016 – 2018

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Turismo Valencia

InnDEA Valencia


The iMove project is based on a new paradigm in mobility, derived from the latest technological advances in terms of mobile devices, apps, Internet connectivity and massive use of social networks. In this new scenario, new opportunities are identified to provide mobile users with adapted information to their needs at any time and place, improving their user experience and maximizing the effectiveness of the information disseminated.

In addition to the new paradigm in mobility, there are new trends that can enrich this experience, such as the Internet of Things, Semantic Data and Big Data. This translates into context information about the user and their circumstances, which is fundamental to enrich the process of personalization of the information in mobility.

The objective of the iMove project is to use the synergies and complementarities of these technological paradigms to develop a real-time recommendation system for dynamic content through push notifications, based on the user’s context in mobility and their social networks , reducing the human interaction with the mobile device and improving the user experience, which promotes the effectiveness of the recommendations themselves.

To validate the system consistently, it is proposed to validate it in a real scenario focused on the tourism and trade sector with the aim of improving the tourist experience and boosting trade in local retail companies.

This project has been funded by MINECO with project number RTC-2016-4951-6.