Mario Ortega

Dr. Mario Ortega Pérez. Graduated in Mathematics from the Universidad de Valencia with Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in the Applied Mathematics programme of the same university. Since 2009 he has a PhD in Computer Science from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. He has more than 10 years of experience (research and development) in the ​​Artificial Vision area, applied to various domains such as Augmented Reality and Medical Image.

In 2004 he joined i3B to work on various projects in the field of medical image analysis in the area of ​​neurosurgery. He currently leads the LabLENI scientific team that works in the area of ​​Augmented Reality, Artificial Vision and Natural Interfaces. His interests include research on detection, tracking and estimation of the 3D object pose, as well as the area of ​​Augmented Reality and the non-rigid recording of images. He has extensive experience in the acquisition and management of international and national research projects, as well as numerous scientific publications in journals and international conferences.

Eugenio Ivorra

Dr. Eugenio Ivorra obtained the technical engineering in computer systems (UPV) in 2008 being the first of its promotion, in 2011 he obtained the master’s degree in automatic and industrial computing (UPV) and in 2015 the doctorate in automatic and industrial computing with rating cum laude (UPV). In 2015 he was accredited as a Doctor Assistant by the ANECA and currently works as a part-time professor in the Department of Systems Engineering and Automation. His research focuses on the fields of three-dimensional and hyperspectral computer vision, in which he has successfully collaborated with companies such as Biopolis S.L, Martinez-Loriente S.L. and Dulcesol S.L..U.

Victor Gascó

Victor Gascó Ortiz. Graduated in Computer Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV), in 2015 he obtained the Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, Recognition of Forms and Digital Image (MUIARFID), in which he specialized in the branch of Augmented Reality.

He has worked on applications and web services projects, specialized in 3D hardware-accelerated graphics in browser . Currently working in the field of Computer Vision, Recognition of forms and objects, where he has successfully developed several tools aimed at improving the consumer experience.

Iván Nieto

Iván Nieto-Guerrero Arnedo. Qualified with HND in Programming Videogames at Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología (ESAT) in 2013.

Later he specialized in multi-threaded programming and parallel computing with CPU and GPU in the same University. He has participated in different projects that include Augmented Reality, gestures recognition, tracking of people as well as the 3D reconstruction of scenarios. In 2015 he joined i3B to develop projects within the area of Augmented Reality and Artificial Vision.

Carlos Plaza de Miguel

Degree in Computer Systems Engineering by UNEX with one year of Erasmus Scholarship in Parma (Italy).

Master in Multimedia Applications with Research in Augmented Reality in the UOC.

Master in Digital Creation by the UCV and Diploma of Specialization in 3D Animation for Film and Videogames by the UPV.

Several years of professional experience in the Design and Development of User Interfaces,

with various Mobile Applications, Videogames and Virtual Reality experiences published, as well as publications and design national awards.

Zayda Ferrer Lluch

Graduated in Computer Science with computing mention at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in 2015, she also has a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, Recognition of Forms and Digital Image (UPV), in which she has specialized in Artificial Intelligence. She has worked on projects of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence in desktop and humanoid robots. She is currently working on Pattern Recognition and Virtual Reality in “Cube” environments.