SIRAM: Intelligent System of Augmented Space Reality for Training and Management of Industrial Maintenance.


i3B (Valencia, Spain)


2012 – 2015


Crizant Concept, S.L.
Avanzit Tecnología, S.L.


Augmented Reality technology based on 3D models detection and tracking applied to generate a ubiquitous system for assistance in the field of aircraft maintenance.

Intelligent Spatial Augmented Reality System for the formation and management of industrial maintenance.

This assistance system that can be used anywhere by aircraft maintenance technicians. The Augmented Reality system provides technical assistance in the location and orientation of the operations required to perform any process of aircraft maintenance.

The developed Augmented Reality system does not need the introduction of any additional marker by the maintenance user since the piece of the plane in which it is intended to perform the maintenance task will be the 3D object to detect and track.

Furthermore the Augmented Reality system that allows easy integration of different content in a context customizable using established standards, it has also been developed an Augmented Reality content editor for creating interactive aircraft maintenance manuals.

SIRAM is funded by the subprogram INNPACTO of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness in its call for 2012. File Number 2012-0736-IPT-020000.