SiMTRA: Integral Maintenance System based on Augmented Reality Technologies.


i3B (Valencia, Spain)


2010 – 2012


Alecop, Sdad. Coop.
ISEA, S. Coop.


Markerless Augmented Reality technology applied to generate a ubiquitous system oriented to professional support and training in industrial maintenance sector.

Integral system of preventive maintenance based on technologies of Augmented Reality.

System for assistance and training which is possible to use anywhere by the maintenance technicians. Thanks to a system of Augmented Reality, any technicians can execute the task because the steps that must be followed are projected on the own machine. In such a way that the technicians know what he must do in each moment during the maintenance process.

Moreover, the Augmented Reality mobile system which allows the easy integration of the several contents in an adaptable context using the established standards, an editor of contents for the creation on interactive manuals of industrial maintenance has been developed.

SIMTRA is co-financed by FEDER funds and the Spaniard Ministry of Science and Innovation with the file number IPT-020000-2010-028.