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RA Colegio San Cristóbal


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Colegio San Cristóbal


RA Colegio San Cristóbal is a project that aims to study the efficacy of Augmented Reality as a tool to improve students’ acquisition of knowledge.

Augmented Reality to improve the learning processes

The main objective of this project is the study the efficacy of Augmented Reality as a tool to improve knowledge acquisition. To this end the project will develop and test some educational applications based on topics in the subject “Social and Natural Sciences”. Specifically, the topics adapted are the digestive system and the circulatory system. As part of this project, an experiment in the San Cristóbal de Castellón school is proposed to compare “traditional” learning with the learning achieved using Augmented Reality-based tools.

The applications that will be developed will follow the same pattern: the location of the system inside the human body will be observed and then each one of its constituent organs will be viewed in detail, including animations that enable a better comprehension of the way they work. The visualization will be through Augmented Reality markers and the interaction with the applications will be through dynamic menus also using markers.

San Cristóbal de Castellón school is a key participant in this project. The idea is to use homogenous groups (different classes in the same year); in this way one group will study the topic in the traditional way, while the other uses the tools created.