LUMINICA: Development of a 3D Projection System for Large Format Audiovisual Environments


i3B  (Valencia, Spain)


2010 – 2011

Grant agreement number



Braintorm Multimedia, S.L.
INDRA Software Labs, S.L.
Asociación de Investigación de la Industria del Juguete, conexas y afines de IBI
Asociación de industrias de las Tecnologías Electrónicas y de la Información del País Vasco (GAIA)


Development of a 3D projection system for large format visual environments.

Luminica gets projecting 3D content in Full Dome systems at very low cost, allowing greater use of the facilities, and better amortization of the same through a wide and varied offer. It also develops and integrates interaction technologies individually and collectively, to enable improved not only the display of content, but the interaction with them in different areas (corporate presentations, educational content and any application requiring interactive audience).

The research focuses, therefore, on the development of an innovative system to generate and project content for large facilities such as Cinemas Imax projection, Planetary, etc.., Improving the 3D application interfaces to allow an interaction more natural, and the development of educational and promotional activities based on this interface that allow best content to the audience. L’Hemispheric City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia will offer its facilities for Lumínica system developed in this project can be validated in a large format display and can become an international benchmark that enables the implementation of developments in other museums and theme parks around the world.

This project has been funded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce under grant number TSI-020100-2009-312