Indoor Location


Indoor Location


i3B (Valencia, Spain)




Universidad Politécnica de Valencia



Mobile application that, through the use of Image Retrieval Technology, recognizes images of an interior space, indicating the user, in real time, his exact position in this space.

AR mobile application for location indoors.

INDOOR LOCATION project aims to develop a tool which allows mobile devices to automatically recognize (through the use of image retrieval technology) different images of an interior space. The image recognition will bring the user, in real time, the exact position in which he is located. Based on the user’s position, the application will give him references to reach a series of points or landmarks inside the building.

The purpose of visual search software is to find quickly and effectively, in a large database, the images most similar to the image on which you want to find correspondence (process running on server). Visual search (image retrieval) consists of using an image as an input parameter to obtain similar images in content. In our case the search software will use the natural features of the image to locate the image with greater similarity to the reference (image captured by the camera of the mobile device). As a final result the mobile application will provide additional information to the user (related with the image searched): position where he is and which route he has to follow to reach some points of interest, such as: emergency exits, fire extinguishers, toilets, lifts, etc..