FILSys: Future Interactive Learning System


i3B (Valencia, España)


2012 – 2015


Alecop, S. Coop.
Ayelen Solutions, S.L.
The Movie Virtual, S.L.
ISEA, S. Coop.
Fundación para la Innovación de la Infancia de la CV


Interactive Environments as a new, active and collaborative tool which can greatly improve the teaching / learning based on a student-centered philosophy.

The main objective of the project is to design and develop an innovative “Interactive Environment Interface” tool capable of creating a new, active and collaborative to significantly improve the teaching / learning based on a philosophy centered on the student.

In order to achieve the overall objective presented above, the project will be focused on the following subsystems:
– Development of an interactive environment interface.
– Teacher Support System.
– Developing a pedagogical framework.

FILSys is co-financed by FEDER funds and the Spaniard Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness with the file number IPT-2012-0661-430000.