RA Aeronautical Maintenance


RA Aeronautical Maintenance: Integral Maintenance System based on Augmented Reality as support for Technical Assistance


i3B  (Valencia, Spain)




Air Nostrum Lineas Áereas del Mediterráneo


Current aircrafts are highly complex machines with many redundant systems to avoid the possibility of catastrophic failure during flight, based on the philosophy of “ fail-safe ”. This means that the inevitable degradation in performance is monitored through periodic inspections so that the design level could be corrected and restored long before degradation could affect the aircraft safety. We present an Augmented Reality system as an aid for aircraft repair and maintenance. This system will significantly improve the quality of maintenance services at the same time that reduces costs. In order to validate the system the task of fuel filter change of the aircraft engine was selected. The tracking system is based on fiducial markers. Furthermore, a system based on voice recognition was used to switch between different tasks, as well as proper selection of part number. The system was validated using different display devices such as an optical and video see-through HMD.

This project has been funded by the IMPIVA under grant number IMIDTF/2009/214