Augmented Retail Experience


i3B (Valencia, Spain)


2015 – 2018

Serial number

Funded by CDTI. IDI-20151168




The ARE project: ” Augmented Retail Experience” has the ambition to contribute to the experiential improving of physical and online retail space developing a series of revolutionary technologies in the retail sector to revalue the point of sale through a shopping experience more immersive , interactive and personalized thereby encouraging buying and improving buyer loyalty with the brand / store.

This project will focus on the development of a completely new paradigm generation of  “augmented experiences “ in the retail space that will integrate into the store measurement of buyer behavior combined with technologies for interactive sensory stimulation managing both via a search engine intelligence implemented in the store that will offer the buyer an unique, personalized , interactive, sensory and emotional experience in the market .

Funded by CDTI.  IDI-20151168